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Un helps you on your job search on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best Social Network for Jobs, however it's search engine has definitely a few areas of improvement, and you will notice it too as soon as your start searching for a Job, the first thing you will notice is that the majority of results you get are what LinkedIn calls: Promoted Jobs, which is nothing else than ads paid by companies to spam you with their open positions.

Problem is most of those Promoted Jobs are not really relevant to your search and that makes finding a job EVEN more difficult than what it should be. It requires an extra effort on your part to avoid them, and you spend unnecessary amounts of time skipping them, when you could be focusing on just what matters: Finding that job!



Remove all Promoted Jobs from your search.

Just activate it and start looking for jobs.



Remove companies you are not interested in from your results, making your search leaner.

You can activate it and start adding companies to the list, you can always remove them and see their posts again.


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Un is maintained by voluntary contributions. If you wish to do so you can sponsor it, directly in the app, with In-App Purchases. Sponsoring is a 1 time only purchase.

Other than that, Un is completely free to use fully featured.



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