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It is all about privacy. This app EMPOWERS YOU to have PRIVACY while BROWSING.


The fastest searching and browsing for iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

Never see ads again, with a Zero-Tolerance Ad Blocker; this is not like any other ad-blocker out there, it really blocks all ads, no partnerships.

Block trackers and keep your browsing secure. Don't let websites sell your personal data.

Stats of trackers blocked and websites with malicious requests.

Keep private whatever it is that you are doing, websites and companies should be allowed to have eyes on your online activity.

Reader enhancer to adjust text as big as you want making your reading online easier and more comfortable.

Designed specifically for iPhone, Mac and iPad, all 3 of them different. Unlike all other browsers, Web is not trying to imitate the browsing experiences of the 1990s. Web is how a browser should look if it is going to be build from nothing again.



You can get Web directly on the App Store.


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If you need support you can reach out at: support@vicegax.com or on Twitter at @vicegax


Privacy policy

Access Web's privacy policy here.